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Tuesday, July 10th 2012

8:17 PM

Ukrain virgin preteen


Related article: Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 20:10:31 -0500
From: gopaw1gmail.com
Subject: Danny and IWARNING: This story depicts two unrelated males engaging in consensual
sexual activity, both of whom are still minors. If you are offended by
writing of this nature, please leave (how did preteen lovers you get this far, anyway?).
If you are not yet of legal age to view this material, it is illegal for
you to be here preteens rape sex and you are strongly encouraged to leave, unless you are
willing to pay the penalties.DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, and has never happened (as far as
I know...). If it resembles any other written works, it little preteens bbs
is pure
coincidense.Please contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, corrections,
criticizm, black preteen pron pictures, etc.-------------------------------- Danny and I--------------------------------As I sat in science class, I couldn't help but be bored. It was Friday
afternoon, a half-hour before school ended, and all I could think about
was leaving. I couldn't wait to go home, get on my computer, open the
AIM, log onto MySpace and Facebook, and chat with all my friends. Oh, how
I hated this physics class! The teacher was so boring, and at 16 I had
other things on my mind. Last year, my freshman year, I had really
started to discover things about sex, my sexual-orientation, and other
things. Sex-Ed had really spurred my interest in other guys, an I had
decided that I was gay. Unfortunately, I still hadn't mustered up the
courage young preteen lovers to come out of the closet, although I was sure my parents would
be okay with it. They were some of the most liberal people you would ever
meet, and they wouldn't care if I was gay. I just thought that I'd have
to do it later, and resumed my thoughts about Sex-Ed. It was taught at
the end of Biology as an add-on unit. The students were allowed to ask
anything of the teachers, and the teachers were required to answer... so
you can imagine all of the dirty things that were asked in that class.As I reminisced about Sex-Ed, the fun that we had... and preteens nude modeling the topics preteen boys twink
covered... I started feel that oh-so-familiar feeling in my pants, and
when I looked down, I saw that I had an erection. "Oh, god!" I thought to
myself. "Well... at least there's another half hour in physics that I can
hopefully calm down in." I stared at the wall, and resumed my daydreams.
Unfortunately, they were interupted by the teacher, Mr. Hallops."Mr. Johnson! What did I just say?" he asked me, obviously irate."Um... I don't--" I started, but was interrupted."You don't know because you weren't paying any attention!" he almost
shouted. We had a mutual hatred thing going on, and we sex preteen ru
picked on each
other whenever possible. I just rolled my eyes at him and looked in
another direction. "That's it! Come with me!" he said. A vein was
sticking out of his forehead."Oh, god damnit!" I thought to preteen asses myself. I wasn't too worried about what
Mr. Hallops was going to do, I was more worried about the raging erection
that I had. Luckily, I always liked to wear boxer-briefs, and the baggy
pants I had on concealed my hardon pretty well. I got up and took my time
walking out the door. I knew where he was taking me: the principle's
office.We finally arrived, and he said, "This is the last straw! You're going in
there and talking with the principle." Mr. Hallops then shoved a piece of
paper into my hand that had a note to the principle about what I had
done."Whatever!" I thought to myself. "I don't need this! It's a Friday!" I
crumpled upthe note, placed it into my pocket, and left the school. The
principle would never know that I was there because he was in his office
with another student, and Mr. Hallops would never know that I didn't go
(I hoped). As I walked out of the building and started walking home, I
started to daydream again. It was hard not to think about sex when my
cock was rock hard, so didn't fight the temptation. Unfortunately, all of
my musings just made my cock ache even more, so I put a hand into my
pocket and started to massage my cock-head while walking. I had found
that this was a pretty effective way of jerking off discretely. I had cp sites preteen an
eight inch cock, and when it was erect, the head came almost right to the
pocket, easily reachable without looking too obvious.I finally arrived at my house, and let myself in. Oh, god was I horny! I
just thanked god that both of my parents didn't get home until around
five o'clock. That meant that I had three hours to do whatever. I quickly
threw my backpack down, and sat at the computer. I knew many free
gay-porn sites that I could get access to, so I got onto one, and pulled
my jeans and boxer-briefs down to the ground.My penis was finally free! I started to stroke up and down the length of
it pretty slowly after I had opened up one of my favorite videos. I loved
to stick a finger up my ass as I masturbated, so I gently inserted my
middle-finger, and gradually added my other fingers while I jerked-off
until I had three fingers inside. The anal-stimulation was bringing me
there faster, so I layed off of my shaft, and started to play with my
balls, gently caressing and massaging them. They were fairly large, and
they were definently bigger then the guy in the video's. After a while, I
got tired of only working on my balls, so I started to play with the head
of my cock. My cock head was extremely sensitive, and pretty soon, I was
on the verge of cumming everywhere. I started to stroke my cock again. Up
and down, up and down. Finally, I could feel it coming, and I spurted my
sperm all over my stomach."Hah! That was good!" I said to myself. I got up, washed my hands, then
headed up to my room to change out of my school clothes. We didn't wear a
uniform, preteen models thai
but I always liked to look nice at school, and then change into
extremely comfortable clothes when I got home. I threw my shirt, jeans
and underwear into the hamper, and started to put on a pair of boxers,
when my doorbell rang. "Oh, shit!" I said to myself. I threw on a large
shirt, and headed downstairs to the sex preteen ru door. When I looked out, I saw that
it was my friend Danny. "Crap!" I said to myself. I had completely
forgotten that I had told him he could come over after school today. I
didn't think that i had enough time to go back upstairs and put on some
pants before he left, so I just went to open the door. He had slept over
at my house before, and had seen my in my boxers."Oh!" he said when I opened the door. I was expecting that response.
"Hahaha. Sorry, just didn't expect you to be standing there without pants
on."I laughed and responded, "Yeah. Sorry. I'd forgotten you were coming
over." He said that he could come back later, but I said, "Nah. You can
com in, as long as you don't mind me being in my boxers for a little
while." He said that he didn't care, and entered my house. "Just throw
your stuff down somewhere." I told him. He did, and took a seat on the
sofa. "Want a soda?" I offered."Yeah, sure!" he said. I brought him one, and sat down next to him. I
figured that I could change later. I wasn't ashamed of my body. We
started talking about school, and friends, and what was happening with
his family, etc. Everntually, when we had exhausted all of the topics, we
decided to start playing video games. Video games were okay, but we got
bored after a while, and we wanted to do something else. "Want to go
skating?" he asked."Nah. I'm still undressed, and I illegal foto preteen don't want to go and get dressed right
now." We started to think of other things to do, and eventually we
decided on a movie, which we quickly tird of, too. "Fine! Let's go
skateboarding! It's only 3:30, so that's enough time to before my parents
get home." I said. He agreed, and I said. "Just amatuer preteen nude let me get on naked preteen nymphettes
clothes.""Sure." he said. "I'm just going to get somthing to drink." I said that
that was fine, and I stared on my way upstairs, but half-way up, I heard
him yell, "Oh shit!" I chuckled to myself and shouted back, "What
happened?""The fucking soda exploded all over me!" he exclaimed. I walked back down
to the kitchen."Wanna borrow some clothes?" I said. I knew that he wouldn't want to wear
those skating."Yeah, dude! That'd be great!""Sure! Come up so you can pick something out." I said, and lead him to my
room. "The clothes are in the dresser there, and just change wherever." I
said, hoping he would change in here. I had always thought that he looked
cute, and maybe I'd get to rape preteens galleries see him with at least his shirt and pants off.
I had never had gym the same period that he had it, so I couldn't see him
in the showers. He said, "Sure." and pulled out something from my
dresser. After he was done, I walked over to the dresser, and picked
something for myself. I got some new boxers, a nice shirt, and some
pants. Normally I don't change my boxers three times a day, but I wanted
to do it and see how he reacted. Maybe he would be gay rape preteens galleries .As he dropped his shirt and pants to the floor, I looked at him for a few
seconds, then went over to my bed, and pulled off my shirt and boxers,
trying to implement my plan. Danny just looked preteen lol nude at me. He obviously wasn't
expecting me to get buck-naked in front of him. After I got all of my
clothes off, I turned around, and picked up my clothes from the floor,
trying to give him a peek at my ass without acting too obvious of my
intentions. He took the bait, and just gaped openly at my body. I grabbed
my shirt, and turned back to him, allowing him to get a long view of my
cock. I pretended not to notice him staring, and continued to put on my
shirt, leaving my pants and boxers off so that he could stare longer.
When I had my shirt on, I looked over at him, and saw him standing there
in only some extremely tented boxers, and staring at my groin.I smiled, and said, "See something you like?" He turned beet-red, and
said, unconvincingly, "No." He then turned a little so that I couldn't
see his tented pants so easily, and proceeded putting on his shirt. His
hands were shaking slightly, and I could tell that he was interested,
even if he wouldn't admit it. I walked over behind him, and grabbed his
ass. He spun around quickly, face bright red, and I said, nasty preteens tgp "I think you do
see something. I know I do.""I... uh..." he stammered. I could tell he was nervous, so I reached for
the elastic on his boxers, and pulled them down to the ground. Danny
still seemed semi-frozen, and preteen nudes forums I could tell that he still had some
reservations, so I stood back up, and asked him if he wanted to do this.
"I... uh... I've never done anything with another guy before. I mean,
I've fucked this girl once, but I've never been with a dude." I chuckled
to myself, realizing how nervous he was. I leaned over and gave him a
kiss on the cheek, and said, "That's okay. This is my first time too."
With that, he seemed to relax a little more, and when I went in for
another kiss, he closed his eyes, and preteen angels magazine kissed me directly on the lips. I
opened my mouth, trying to get him to french kiss, but I could tell that
he didn't know how. I thought to myself, "My god! He's so innocent! I
better go a little slow with this." I had fucked a few chicks, and I was
pretty comfortable with the prospect of sex.I reached down, and took ahold of his penis. Upon looking at it, I could
tell he was about two inches smaller then I was, placing him at about six
inches long. I squeezed his cock, and then started to slowly stroke it. I
lead him to the bed, and he layed hardcore preteen cp down on it, cock sticking straight up
into the air. I quickly resumed what I was doing, with probably a little
faster speed. I was extremely excited. I had never even been in the same
room with another naked guy, except in the lockerooms, where nobody
wanted to go around naked for more then a few seconds. After a while, I
decided that I couldn't stand taking it so slow, and I put my mouth on
the head of his cock. He preteen sites phedophilia gasped, and I started to lower my head down
little-by-little. Eventually, I was about four inches down, and I
couldn't go any further, so I started to bob my head up and down on his
cock, just like I had seen in the porn-video I was watching earlier. He
started to moan loudly, and I decided to stick one of my fingers up his
ass.Danny wasn't expecting anything inside his butt, so he squirmed a little,
but then relazed once more after he got used to it. Unfortunately, after
a while I had to stop sucking his dick because he said, "You can't keep
sucking or I'll cum!" Then preteen angels magazine he suggested that he work on my cock for a
little while. He got down next to my crotch, and stuck the head of my
penis into his mouth. It was obvious that he didn't know what he was
doing, but he did a pretty good job for a beginner.Slowly he started to go down on my cock, about a half-inch at a time,
until he got probably four inches down, and he started to gag. He closed
his mouth on my cock, and slowly started to bring his head back up and
down. I was in ecstacy. Even though I had done this onceor twice before,
I was still relatively new to sex, and this was wonderful. My first time
with a guy, and it was going great!Danny gradually picked up speed, and started to bring me closer to climax
until I said, "Wait a minute! Let me do something." I sat up, and moved
so that my face was right in front of his cock so that we could try the
69-position. He was a little shorter then me, but I could still manage to
get his penis into my mouth. As we both sat there sucking each other, we
both were moaning and groaning to the beat of one-another's bob's.He was the first to reach orgasm. He started to moan really loud, and
then grunted, "Oh, god! I'm about to cum!" I pulled off of his cock just
in time for his cum to almost hit me in the eye, and get all over my
face... and bed. His climax and cum preteen boys twink
on my face sent me over the edge, and
I yelled to him that I was going to cum too. He grabbed a hold of my
cock, and started to stoke it and bring me there faster. I let out a loud
groan, and squirted sperm all over his face, neck, and chest.After we both had cum, we layed there for a few seconds before anyone
said anything. Danny broke the silence by saying, "Wow! That was...
great!" I laughed and voiced my agreement. It was my first, and one preteen boys twink of my
best, gay experiences ever. After we were done, we had just enough time
to clean ourselves up and send Danny on his way home before my parents
arrived, and I had to start my homework. Danny and myself continued to
experiment for a while until he moved away two years later, during my
senior year of highschool.- GPAny comments, criticism, praise, pictures, etc. will be greatly
appreciated. If you write flames, expect to get one back! Everything can
be mailed to 'gopaw1gmail.com '.
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